Sean Maloney has a cerebral hemorrhage

Intel said that senior Intel Executive Sean Maloney has had a stroke and will take time off because of it.

Maloney, one of the most popular British executives at the chip giant, and its top salesman, was taken ill last week, but will make a full recovery, Intel said.

Sean Maloney has been widely tipped to succeed CEO Paul Otellini as the CEO, when Mr Otellini retires.

Maloney is only 53 old years old, and has been with Intel since he was an intern for Andy Grove, and a top salesman at the firm.

He is in charge of the Intel Architecture Group, and is expected to return to work quite soon, said Intel, in a statement.

Otellini said in the same statement that Maloney has kept his sense of humour and determination. Intel wishes him a speedy recovery. Paul Otellini is 59.

Dadi Perlmutter will replace Maloney for the time being.