SanDisk unveils ultra-thin memory chips

SanDisk announced a range of embedded flash drives (EFDs) that will allow slimmer and more compact smartphone and tablet designs at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The firm showed off its next generation of iNAND and iNAND Ultra memory cards which are available in packages as small as 11.5mm x 13mm x 1mm, as thin as ten sheets of paper.

SanDisk has achieved these small sizes through the use of advanced 24nm generation NAND memory chips and advanced packaging technologies.

 “For smartphones and tablets, every millimeter of thickness counts,” said Amir Lehr, vice president, embedded business, SanDisk.

“Designers are constantly looking for new ways to make mobile devices as small and thin as possible. To meet that need, SanDisk’s advanced NAND process and packaging technologies allow us to pack more storage into smaller and slimmer footprints.”

“This in turn enables OEMs to design more compact devices while freeing up precious board space for other needs, such as larger batteries.”

With smartphones continuing to increase substantially in their processing power, and offering ever more impressive features, they are continuing to require more storage.  

By creating such small memory cards SanDisk enable this development without meaning that memory consequently takes up more room on a handset.

With this in mind the firm are now able to produce 64GB storage on a 12mm x 16mm card.

SanDisk iNAND products with capacities up to are also 8GB available in 11.5mm x 13mm sizes, and will be available in the third quarter of this year.

The firm will also be offering embedded solid state drives for use in tablets that have high performance requirements, with a 64GB SSD that is smaller than a postage stamp and weighs less than a paper clip.

Furthermore the firm also announced today that Acer had selected its 32 GB SSD P4 for use in its Iconia Tab Windows 7 tablet.

“The SanDisk SSD P4 is designed for thin, high-performance productivity tablets such as Acer’s Iconia Tab Windows 7 tablet,” said Kevin Conley, senior vice president, solid state drives, SanDisk.

“As the tablet and mobile markets converge, cost-effective modular SSD solutions from SanDisk allow OEMs to create high-quality products that are tailored to their customers’ needs.”