Samsung worth more than Intel

South Korea’s Samsung is still worth a lot more than Intel, according to the latest figures on company capitalisation.

Market capitalisation is a figure based on how much shareholders think your company is worth. The more you are worth the more likely they are to spell your company name with a capital letter.

According to Yonhap, Samsung is the fifth most valuable firm behind more obvious names such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Google.

It is worth about $136.9 billion as of December 23 and is $5.9 billion ahead of Oracle’s market cap and $12 billion ahead of Chipzilla.

The reason that Samsung is doing well is because of the brisk growth in its smartphone business and strong earnings. This year it had a net profit of $3.09 billion in the third quarter of the year

Samsung has been progressively getting better over the last couple of years meaning that analysts are saying that it could be the outfit to watch.

Meanwhile Apple’s market capitalisation is still incredibly high despite missing its profits target this year. Generally it was a good year for Jobs’ Mob and next year it is hoping that it will stay on top with its iPad 3 and Apple TV to launch.