Samsung works on 12 gigabit DRAM device

SamsungSouth Korean giant Samsung said today it’s ready to start fabricating a 12 gigabit mobile DRAM chip.

The 12Gb low power DDR4 device will be built on a 20 nanometre process and according to reports will fly along 30 percent faster than 8Gb devices and use 20 percent less memory.

Production of the DRAM chips will start during this year. By putting four of the 12Gb chips together, Samsung will be able to make and sell a six gigabyte (GB) device for use in tablets and smartphones.

Samsung is ahead of its competitors including SG Hynix, Micron and the smaller memory companies and that’s largely because its manufacturing capabilities at its semiconductor fabs are leading edge.

Earlier today, Korean newspapers reported that Samsung is to take the axe to 10 percent of its headcount, as we reported here.