Samsung to open monster NAND facility

Samsung will look to stay ahead of its rivals with the opening of a new NAND memory chip facility.

Just as Toshiba announced that it would be making its own NAND fab with partner SanDisk, Samsung will be staying one step ahead with the opening of its own facility this September.

Samsung is currently in pole position in the fast growing NAND market, but only just, and the new facility will help it regain its advantage.

With more and more of the public splashing their cash on smartphones and tablets, which use NAND flash memory, rivals such as Toshiba and Elpida are looking to fill their pockets.

But the word coming from Digitimes is that Samsung is not about to see its lead eroded, and the new fab, dubbed Line-16 should give it a leg up.

Located in the Nano City Complex in Hwaseong in South Korea, the fab will be capable of getting through 200,000 12-inch wafers every month.

Samsung began work on the site back in May 2010, and it is now expected that the site will be up and running in two months.

According to chip expert at Future Horizons, Malcolm Penn, the opening is indicative of how important the NAND sector is.

“It used to be DRAM, DRAM, DRAM,” Penn says to TechEye, “now NAND is growing around 50 percent faster.”

“They are pretty much neck and neck now with Toshiba so it is very important for Samsung to get more capacity online.

“Capacity equals market share, so if you have a bigger fab then you are going to get ahead, and the Samsung fab is a monster.”