Samsung throws NOR flash out of its PRAM

Samsung has become the first manufacturer to launch a multi-chip package with Portable RAM (PRAM).

The chip, which is set to be used in mobile phones later on this year has 512 megabits of storage space and is backwards compatible with 40 nanometer-class.

The PRAM chip is said by Samsung to be perfect for holding more memory and combines flash memory with the high-speed capability of DRAM. It also uses finer process node technology to overcome long-time design difficulties inherent in NOR flash technology.

Malcolm Penn, an analyst at Future Horizons, also told TechEye that this chip “would combine 3 features, which were originally separate, into a single package.”

“This chip will be bringing better performance and power, and is more compact making it perfect for phones. Consumers want power and performance from their handsets and this chip will help,” he said.

He also said that although Samsung has a headstart with this technology he would “expect other manufacturers to follow.”

Could this be the start of faster, higher performance phones that don’t run out of battery so quickly? Watch this space.