Samsung still Apple’s chip chum

Despite all the rumours that Apple was spurning Samsung’s chip making facilities as if it were a rabid dog, it looks like Jobs’ Mob will be using its rival to make the A8 chip.

Apple Insider reports that Samsung has won the contract to produce Apple’s next-generation A-series processor. Apparently, it will be made at the same Texas facility that churns out the 64-bit A7 at the heart of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

Samsung said that a manufacturing agreement has already been signed and that engineers from both companies are working together to ramp up production. Shipments of the A8 will will begin in autumn when the fruity cargo cult is expected to unveil new models of its shiny expensive toys.

It was no easy deal. TSMC, which makes other, lower profile chips for Apple has been named and shamed as Samsung’s successor for A-series chip production. Even last week the smart rumours were saying that TSMC had taken over “most” of the orders for the A8, leaving Samsung as a secondary supplier.

Curiously, this is exactly what happened for both the A6X and A7 processors, and each of those chips rolled off Samsung’s Austin production line. One wonders if someone is seeding the TSMC rumours to throw hacks off the scent.

Apple will no doubt be looking for other chip makers as working with the company you are trying to sue into a coma is bad for business. It might be that it is waiting for Intel to get up to snuff on its foundry business.