Samsung stacks its RDIMMs

South Korean behemoth Samsung has gone out of its way not to boast to all interested parties it will throw an 8GB RDIMM (registered dual inline memory module) on the market.

The RDIMM is the Chaebol’s “Green” DDR3 DRAM all stacked together, using its wonderful 3D chip stacking tech dubbed “through silicon via” (TSV). Everything seems 3D nowadays – although in this case it refers to putting memory chips not only next to one another, but also on top of each other.

Samsung claims its new 8GB RDIMM, harnessing the power of TSV, consumes up to 40 percent less energy than your average RDIMM. The company also states the RDIMMs are just what is needed for next-gen servers, as these apparently have 30 percent less memory slots.

TSV will save the day because it will allow 50 percent higher memory density, making Samsung’s RDIMMs just what the doctor ordered. After all, an RDIMM a day keeps failure away, and so on.

“Our 40nm-class RDIMM being announced today marks the introduction of a more advanced eco-friendly ‘Green Memory’ product line up utilizing 3D-TSV technology that is expected to enhance the leadership of Samsung and our allies in server and enterprise storage,” blathered Dr. Chang-Hyun Kim, some senior VP working for Samsung Electronics.