Samsung shells out nearly a billion to Rambus

Rambus (tick: RMBS) will collect $900 million from giant Korean firm Samsung after the two companies decided to bury the hatchet over DRAM products.

Samsung will invest $200 million Rambus stock, will pay an initial sum of $200 million, and a quarterly payment of $25 million for the next five years.

The firms have also signed a memorandum of understanding to work n high performance memory interfaces including graphics memory and mobile memory. They’ll also look at collaborating on server and high speed NAND flash memory.

In consideration of the vast amount of money Samsung has and will pay Rambus, the Korean firm will get a perpetual fully paid up licence to some DRAM products.

Rambus is notoriously litigious, and is ready to start a case against Samsung, Hynix and Micron over an alleged breach of antitrust laws. That’s delayed because a Micron lawyer involved in the case is unwell.