Samsung selects AMD for thin clients

AMD logoSamsung has selected the AMD Embedded G-Series SoC (system on chip) for a new line of all-in-one cloud monitors featuring integrated thin client technology.

The Samsung 21.5-inch TC222W and 23.6-inch TC242W are powered by AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs that couple high-performance compute and graphics capability in a highly integrated, low power design.

The AMD SoC improves data transfer rates and saves space on the motherboard, which makes it a perfect fit for the compact form factors required by thin clients.

AMD thin client solutions depend on the move to cloud-based computing. Increasingly, thin clients are also being used for more complex and high performance tasks. This is especially true for devices incorporating x86 CPUs and sophisticated graphics. Although to be fair the thin client market has not been doing so well lately so AMD pinning its hopes on it are not necessarily a good thing.

AMD Embedded Solutions vice president and general manager Scott Aylor said that thin client was a key market for AMD Embedded Solutions and he was “thrilled that Samsung has chosen to partner with us for their newest line of products.”
“The collaboration with Samsung builds on the number one position AMD holds in a market that continues to grow, becoming more and more prevalent in commercial installations that serve a broad range of markets.”

With planned availability starting in Q3 2015, the Windows-supported Samsung cloud monitors will provide customers with expanded choice, capability and configuration flexibility.

Using Samsung’s professional-grade display panel, the cloud monitors should be super-souped up. As an option for desktop virtualization,

The Embedded AMD G-Series SoC combines graphics computing circuitry with x86-based central processing cores in the same accelerated processing unit (APU) design. They are built to handle a range of embedded applications and are designed to provide power efficient graphics.