Samsung produces 16 megapixel tiny sensor

SamsungKorean giant Samsung said that it has started mass producing a one micron CMOS image sensor that supports 16 megapixel displays for mobile phones and other devices.

Samsung claims it is the first manufacturer to bring such a sensor into production – it means that the size of the sensor is such that it’s easier to make even thinner mobile devices than we have now.

The image sensor will reduce the module’s height by 20 percent and will allow manufacturers to create modules less five millimetres.

Samsung also claimed that the unit – the S5K3P3 – can deliver image quality equivalent to 1.1 micron pixel based image sensors. The image sensor uses a technology called Isocell which reduces colour “crosstalk” of pixels next to each other by placing physical barriers between each pixel.

The image sensor is available from today, but Samsung declined to say which manufacturers will incorporate the unit into their smartphones.