Samsung prepares STT-RAM

Samsung has bought Grandis, the company which specialises in spin transfer torque random access memory, or STT-RAM.  

Grandis’ work with spin memory should bring us serious improvements in power efficiency for instant-on computers and mobile devices.

There are hopes that STT-RAM could go some way to replacing both NAND and DRAM, with promises that it can offer serious efficiency and power. 

Samsung says it plans to integrate Grandis’ efforts into its memory R&D operations at every level. It’ll become a “key part of the company’s global R&D network,” it said in a statement.

What this means is Samsung wants to get the edge in memory by focusing on future technologies which will eventually end up in its products. Grandis’ efforts will be reviewed for their long-term commercial prospects.

Samsung didn’t disclose further details but we can expect it to be a potentially important buy.