Samsung mulls server push

Samsung might be hiring engineers to develop chips for servers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Korean company has been beefing up its research and development centre in Austin, Texas and head-hunting engineers from AMD.

Samsung has hired Patrick Patla, a former AMD vice president who served until Friday as general manager of the business that happened to include server chips.

But Forbes spotted LinkedIn profiles show the names of other AMD server experts who have drifted to Samsung. This includes Jim Mergard, who was a vice president and chief engineer, and Brad Burgess, who was chief architect of a low-power AMD processor design known as Bobcat. The Samsung centre is run by Keith Hawkins who worked at server maker Sun.

Samsung appears to be increasing its skill set in the Systems on Chips based hardware. While these are being touted for many different mobile functions, they are also being seen as a way of saving on space and power in a server room.

Other companies, such as Calxeda, are also planning to make SoCs for servers using processor designs from ARM.

Samsung is better known for memory chips but it gained a lot of expertise in designing and making its own mobile processors. It has some advantage over rivals because it controls its own foundries.