Samsung mass produces multi-chip package memory

Samsung has started mass production of embedded multi-chip package (eMCP) memory for use in smartphones.

The memory will be used in the cheap and cheerful end of the market and come in a wide range of densities. The packages use LPDDR2 (low power double-data-rate 2) DRAM made with 30nm process technology and NAND flash memory using 20nm-class technology.

Myungho Kim, vice president of memory marketing, Device Solutions, Samsung said that better software and increased data storage in smartphones and tablets means that mobile device makers are being forced to introduce embedded memory that offers higher performance and density.

Samsung hopes the new memory will accelerate growth in the mobile device market.

With eMCP memory, smartphones will run better and have a longer battery life. They will be simpler for mobile handset developers to come up with more basic designs, Kim said.

Each package consists of a 4 GB Embedded MultiMediaCard based on 20nm-class NAND flash memory for data storage. There is a choice of 256MBs, 512MBs or 768MBs of 30nm-class LPDDR2 DRAM.

The 30nm-class LPDDR2 DRAM chip improves the performance of entry- to mid-level smartphones by giving a data transmission speed of 1,066Mbps, which doubles the performance of the industry’s previous mobile DRAM, Samsung claims.

When compared to a 40nm-class LPDDR2 DRAM, the new 30nm-class LPDDR2 DRAM increases performance by approximately 30 percent, while consuming 25 percent less power. The 30nm-class process technology improves chip manufacturing productivity by 60 percent over 40nm-class technology, according to Samsung.