Samsung making its own CPU core

It seems that Samsung is getting the DIY bug and wants to make a CPU core and displays with 560ppi soon.

During a conference call, the company said that it would move CPU core production in house. Samsung will first develop 64-bit cores based on ARM designs and then move to its own designs.

If that is the case then it means that it is using ARM as a training tool and will eventually push itself into the mobile chip industry, which Intel needs like a hole in the head.

ARM will also not be that happy as Samsung would be one of its biggest customers.

Next year, Samsung will out RGB AMOLED displays with a pixel density of 560ppi. Combined with the targeted WQHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), the aforementioned pixel density points at a display with a 5.25″ diagonal coming our way.

Samsung said that it will create mobile devices with 4K displays in 2015. Given few people can actually see any difference at that resolution it is hard to see why they are bothering.