Samsung increases DDR3 production to take up slack

Korean chaebol Samsung said it will start manufacturing more DDR3 chips because suddenly there is a demand for these memory products from the server market.

The memory chips will be manufactured on Samsung’s 40 nanometre process and are aimed at capitalising for greater demand juiced up by the introduction of Intel microprocessors.

Samsung said that the launch of Xeon 5600s and Xeon 7500s give better performance and consume less power when paired with DDR3 memory.

The company claims that its DDR3 is the best selling DRAM in the industry and will let original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) put in 192GB of memory for Xeon 550s.

And the Intel Xeon 7500 can use up to a terabyte of memory for each four socket system – and with more sockets can scale to two terabytes and more.

Samsung isn’t yet ready to put its four gigabit DDR3 chips into mass production – that will happen later this year.