Samsung improves DRAM

Samsung has developed a DRAM chip which is much faster and more efficient.

According to the China Post, Samsung has developed the industry’s first 30 nanometer-class Double Data Rate 4 DRAM module.

The module has been designed for enterprise servers and controllers. The company claims it can transfer data at a rate of 4 gigabits per second.

It is also 40 percent more energy-efficient compared with its previously developed DDR3 DRAM module with speeds of 4 gigabits per second.

Hong Wan-hoon, executive vice president of Samsung said that it will help the company do deals with the server and central processing unit industries to actively develop next-generation green IT systems.

The company is expected to go full throttle in expanding in the market next year, Hong said.

It is the third time that Samsung has featured improvements to the the DDR4. Last month, the tech giant made high-end 16GB and 8GB DDR4 registered dual inline memory modules for CPU and controller makers.

The next plan is to try and get the Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council to standardise the new chip module in August. This will then enable the company to start mass production of 32GB registered dual inline memory modules.

Samsung is looking for ideas to improve its DRAM business. Its chip unit’s operating profit dropped 54 percent this year thanks to the global recession.