Samsung flashes new NAND

South Korean behemoth Samsung Electronics today announced its newest eight gigabit OneNAND chip, which is built in a 30nm process, will be shipping by the end of the month.

The high-density single-level-cell chip is being marketed by Samsung for use in smartphones. Data is read at 70MB/s, which the company claims is four times faster than regular NAND with a performance of 17MB/s. It can also be used as a buffer for read operations, as it possesses a NOR flash interface.

Samsung claims the 30nm process also raised productivity by 40 percent, compared to its 40nm process. The consumer electronics and chips giant also went out of its way to beef up the press release by citing market research company iSuppli, which soothsays demand for embedded flash is going to amount to 1.1 billion one gigabyte units this year and will grow to 2.5 billion units by 2011.

Demand for flash memory is currently spiking, due to high orders from Apple. DRAMeXchange reckons 3 percent of total NAND flash shipments will be used in the iPad, whereas the iPhone will account for 9 percent. Mild shortages are expected for the second half of this year.

Samsung recently announced a 512Mbit Portable RAM (PRAM) chip, combining flash memory and DRAM. It also announced 32 gigabit MLC NAND for use in phones and memory cards in April, with read/ write speeds of respectively 20MB/s and 10MB/s.