Samsung exec commits to 64-bit smartphones

Apple’s iPhone 5S launch earlier this week had spec enthusiasts salivating when Cupertino revealed the phone would sport a 64 bit processor, leaving the current competition behind. But by striking first, it has given room for Samsung – Apple’s top rival – to say “us too”.

Although apps at present will not make the most gains from 64 bit chips, Apple nonetheless boasted its latest fruity iteration will feature “desktop-class” architecture in the A7. Samsung mobile biz chief Shin Jong-kyun, though, not to be outdone, told the Korea Times his company will also sport 64-bit processing. 

Speaking ahead of the Galaxy Note 3 release in China, Shin said, referring to 64 bit: “Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality”.

It was also acknowledged by unnamed industry sources that the cheaper, plastic-case iPhone will ramp up competition in China, where Samsung has a fairly decent foothold. No details of a China Mobile deal were announced so we will have to wait and see.

A challenge to Samsung and other top Android manufacturers will be waiting for the right tinkering at the OS level to actually support 64-bit processing in a useful way. It’s unlikely any companies will be rushing to up their processing power immediately, with many waiting to see if a post-Jobs Apple can rejuvenate its sales.

A drive towards 64-bit will happen, Davies Murphy Group consultancy’s Chris green told the BBC, and when developers make that leap there will be a “divide in the market”.

“We saw exactly the same thing happen in the Windows world when software makers moved from 32-bit to purely 64-bit,” Green said.