Samsung dissed by America

SamsungSome American commentators seem to believe that Samsung’s glory days are over but really it’s hard to put a vertically integrated company like the Korean giant down.

According to Reuters, Samsung faces some “sombre” years ahead, beset as it is by Chinese companies.

But strangely, the story from Reuters seems to think the future is bright for Apple (tick: APPL) and although it’s good to root for a home grown company, the writing is on the wall for the Cupertino company too.

The truth is – and this is a strange story to relate – the USA is largely responsible for the globalisation of the IT market. National Semiconductor kicked off the trend in Scotland before anyone knew the name NatSemi.

In our own so-called United Kingdom, ARM has proved to be a pesky competitor to Hungarian behemoth Intel.

Things change and that’s OK. It’s very nice to see the rise of contenders and we just wish the USA was a little less parochial about things outside its front door.

You can find the Reuters stuff, here.