Russians want AMD and Intel out

The Russian government has decided that it is much safer not to use Intel and AMD chips and it wants home grown chips used in government computers.

Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry announced that it will replace Intel and AMD chips with domestically-produced micro processor Baikal in a project worth dozens of millions of dollars,.

The Baikal micro processor will be designed by a unit of T-Platforms, a producer of supercomputers, next year, with support from state defence conglomerate Rostec and co-financing by state-run technological giant Rosnano.

The first products will be Baikal M and M/S chips, designed on the basis of 64-bit nucleus Cortex A-57 made by UK company ARM, with frequency of 2GHz for personal computers and micro servers.

The Baikal chips will be installed on computers of government bodies and in state-run firms, which purchase some 700,000 personal computers annually worth $500 million and 300,000 servers worth $800 million. The total volume of the market amounts to about five million devices worth $3.5 billion.

Russia has been unhappy with Intel and AMD since the US government’s spying programme was revealed and routers from Cisco were found to have been intercepted and installed with bugs.

The US tech industry is terrified that the other governments will follow suit in response to American spying programmes.