Rambus sues Broadcom, Freescale, STMicro, Nvidia, others for patent infringement

Chip firm Rambus has been at it again in the patent department, filing lawsuits against six chip manufacturers.

The companies in question are LSI, MediaTek, STMicroelectronics, Broadcom, Freescale Semiconductor and Nvidia, the latter of which has already been sued for patent infringement in recent months.

The patents in question relate to popular chip technology, including PCI Express, Serial ATA, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, mobile DDR, and GDDR3, all of which are widely employed by dozens of companies.

Rather than looking for monetary compensation, which is often how patent lawsuits go, Rambus said it is looking for a ban on imports of the infringing products. It has asked the ITC to block the imports from the six companies and also a number of other companies who utilise the chips, including industry heavyweights like HP, Hitachi, Motorola and Asustek.

The ITC previously backed Rambus in its lawsuit against Nvidia, forcing Nvidia to sign a licence agreement and seek an appeal of the decision or else face the possibility of import bans on its products. Rambus is clearly hoping that the ITC remains firmly on its side for its latest round of lawsuits.

Rambus has gained a notorious reputation for its patent lawsuits over the past decade, which have moved from being against mainly memory manufacturers to firms like Nvidia and IBM. Its approach so far has been mostly successful, which means that companies may need to licence from it for the foreseeable future or come up with new self-patented technologies of their own.