Rambus patents to be reviewed

The International Trade Commission (ITC) is to have a look at the validity of Rambus patents which are being used against Nvidia.

In a notice posted on its Web site, the trade watchdog said it was considering arguments that the Rambus patents are obvious variations of earlier inventions.

However, the ITC denied a request by Nvidia to delay that May 24 decision.

If the Commission finds that Rambus’s patent rights were violated, Nvidia chips could be banned in the US.

Already a judge with the ITC in Washington said in January that Nvidia was infringing three Rambus patents but two other patents were squashed. Each company asked the agency to review the part of the determination they lost.

The case also names outfits which have Nvidia controllers under the lid, including HP, Asustek and Biostar Microtech International Corp. Most of the Nvidia chips are made in Taiwan and then sold to other computer-parts makers.