Rambus buys up another patent company

IP company Rambus has decided that it is not making enough cash defending its own patents in court.

The outfit has agreed to buy privately-held Cryptography Research, a security technology company, in a deal worth $342.5 million.

The move would give it large numbers of obscure patents which it can chase technology companies for fees to license.

Cryptography Research, or CRI, owns and licenses security technology for network security, financial services and content protection.

In a press release,  Rambus claims to “design and license high-speed memory chips” although for the last five years the bulk of its cash has been made through enforcing patents.

Rambus said it will pay $167.5 million in cash, hand over 6.4 million of its shares and a $50 million payment to privately-held CRI’s employees over three years.

Shareholders in Rambus were not that excited by the news and the price of its shares fell by two percent on the back of the news.