Quanta sues AMD

The paperwork for the Quanta versus AMD court case is starting to be processed by the loyal IT press.

Quanta has taken AMD to court for costing it a bomb having to re-do shedloads of laptops that it made because of the chipmaker’s overheating or broken chips.

Quanta made the laptops for NEC but claims AMD sold it defective processors which overheated and simply refused to work.

It claims that it suffered significant injury to prospective revenue and profits and it wants an injury trial with damages.

AMD has replied to the court that it was odd that only Quanta that had complained about that particular batch of processors. It said that other computer builders used the same batch and had no heating problems.

In fact Quanta had in the past used identical chips in large volumes in a different platform that it manufactured for NEC and never had such issues.

Quanta has a few problems with its case. AMD did not supply the cooling system and Quanta has to convince the judge that the cooling system mechanism it used was not defective.

It looks like the AMD case will be that Quanta may have tried to cut corners by ordering a cheaper cooling system to improve profitability.