Qualcomm wants PC push

Qualcomm wants to push itself into the mainstream PC space with help from Windows 8.

Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm’s CEO, told the assembled throngs at CES that his chips will provide something different from what Intel has in mind.

He claims that your next PC will deliver an always-on, always-connected experience, which is something that Qualcomm has learned from the mobile industry.

We are not sure about this, our PC is always on other than the times that we need to reboot it but it seems Jacobs means that it will use things such as PCs as servers for home based networks centred around tethered mobile gadgets.

Qualcomm is leaning on its Snapdragon S4 “Krait” processors and Jacobs claims there are 70 non-phone devices which will use it.

The company has been demonstrating Snapdragon S4 chips running Windows 8 at CES. We are not entirely convinced that Qualcomm is going to take the chunk of the PC market that it claims. But where it could put the wind up Intel is in Chipzilla’s bold new plan for Ultrabooks.

Qualcomm could “get” the mobile idea of Ultrabooks a lot better than Intel and if Windows 8 runs on them then there is nothing to stop Snapdragon 4 taking a bite out of INTC’s mobile vision.

Intel has got its foot in the door because Windows 8 will not be making many waves until the end of the year. Qualcomm’s counter attack will then be in 2013.

Intel will be relieved to hear that none of the ARM vendors have announced the 10-15W parts which Chipzilla is planning.