Qualcomm to write $US300 million cheque for Wilocity

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth rumour that Qualcomm is going to buy the 60 GHz WiGig chipmaker Wilocity.

According to an Israeli financial site TheMarker  Qualcomm is prepared to pay $US300 million for the deal.

Qualcomm has been behind the outfit from the start, raising $US105 million for it. Established in 2007, Wilocity shipped its first commercial chip in December 2012. It has flogged more than a million chipsets to PC manufacturers, with clients including Dell.

Wilocity chipsets are based around the IEEE 802.11ad standard published last year. The WiGig standard deals with short-range wireless communications in the 60 GHz spectrum and maxes out at 7 Gbps.

Recently the company announced its first smartphone chips built on a 28nm process. The Wil6300 chipset can manage 4.6 Gbps connections.

The company was developing the next generation of chips so that they would be smaller and more efficient and work with mobile devices and computers of other terminal equipment manufacturers. The plan was to develop WiGig, broadcasts on a frequency of 60 GHz to allow better high-speed data transfer indoors.

TheMarker claims its data came from deep throats in Wilocity, so far neither outfit has confirmed the rumours. It said that the staff will just transfer over to Qualcomm once the deal is done.

The company was founded in 2007 by Tal Tamir, who is CEO Danny Rettig, and Jorg wave Meissen. The three were leading developers at Intel and experts on the Centrino mobile processors and were behind the first generations of WiFi.