Qualcomm pulls in top ex-Intel executive

Anand Chandrasekher has joined Qualcomm as its chief marketing officer in a move that must be seen as something of a slap in the face for Intel.

Chandrasekher, a former Intel executive with a high flying profile, will report to the president and chief operating officer of Qualcomm – Steve Mollenkopf.

Chandrasekher was formerly senior VP for Intel’s Ultra Mobility group and so responsible for the Atom microprocessor.  In earlier times, he spearheaded the move to push the Centrino platform.

Intel is already under somewhat of a threat from Qualcomm, which like other competitors in the ultra mobile space use microprocessors based on ARM technology. 

Chip designs licensed by ARM dominate the smartphone market – an area that Intel has had its eyes on as long as the concept existed.

Intel has lost several executives over the last few years to competitors, including Patrick “Kicking Pat” Gelsinger, who now works as chief tech officer for EMC.