Qualcomm posts healthy Q4 growth

Mobile chip company Qualcomm has posted its fourth quarter earnings, and revenues are up 18 percent compared to the same time last year, from $4.12 billion to $4.87 billion.

The company’s growth is thanks to the burgeoining smartphone trend which shows no signs of abating, and has led to demand threatening to outpace supply.

The results were more or less in line for its Q4 2012 guidance. MSM chip shipments were 141 million and its overall revenues slightly exceeded expectations. For the fiscal year, Qualcomm recorded a 28 percent increase in revenues, bringing in $19.12 billion compared to $14.96 billion.

Total reported device sales increased 25 percent, from $149.5 billion last year to $187.3 billion this year.

The company’s guidance for 2013 predicts revenues between $23 billion and $24 billion.

For the calendar year, Europe and North America took the lion’s share of the 3G and 4G device shipment estimates, as of 7 November, 2012, taking in 185 million and 208 million respectively.

The company also did well in China and India, and emerging regions, recording 210 million and 168 million shipped devices respectively.

The Dow Jones reported Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs is cautiously optimistic towards supplying for computers running Windows RT, the non-x86, ARM-based version of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Jacobs acknowledged that there had been supply constraints thanks to capacity problems at chip manufacturing behemoth TSMC, but he said these would go on through to this December at the very latest.