Qualcomm goes to mobile 64-bit

Qualcomm‘s coming Snapdragon 410 chip will be 64-bit and include 4G connectivity technology.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the chip will be designed for the Chinese market, where it should start appearing in low-cost smartphones in the second half of 2014.

Michelle Leyden Li, a Qualcomm senior director in charge of marketing its Snapdragon line told Reuters that 4G and 64-bit technology will become standard across Qualcomm’s products.

It all seems part of a general move to 64-bit in mobiles. Samsung has also said it plans to use 64-bit processors in its smartphones.

This is so that the phones can make use of larger chunks of memory and be faster. With 64-bit processors chances are we will see a huge increase in the size of RAM onboard mobiles and changes to software.

Apple unveiled its first iPhone made with a 64-bit processor, leading to speculation the company plans to merge its iOS mobile platform with the operating system used for its PCs.

Intel has 64-bit features in its mobile chips but Chipzilla’s success in getting a take up of x86 architecture has been limited so far.