Qualcomm expects rise in 28nm chips

US chip maker Qualcomm has said that it expects the supply of 28-nanometre chips to increase.

While 28nm based chips are proving popular, the supply of them has been tricky due to hiccups with the technology involved.

Qualcomm warned in April that it will have trouble meeting demand for some of its advanced mobile phone chips for the rest of the year due to manufacturing constraints and that will increase operating expenses faster than expected.

It has been a problem which has harmed Qualcomm’s rivals, such as AMD too.

Qualcomm’s chairman and chief executive Paul Jacobs told Reuters that his company would have supply under control towards the end of the yar.

He said that his company was working “flat out” trying to get enough supply for everyone.

Qualcomm is working with TSMC, the world’s top contract chip maker, and other foundries to increase supply of the chips, he added.