Qualcomm calls for the death of proprietary drivers

Qualcomm Atheros engineers are expected to tell next week’s Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco that it is time that proprietary device drivers should be killed off for good.

Luis Rodriguez and Adrian Chadd from Qualcomm Atheros are expected to say that proprietary drivers have been imposed upon the industry by ancient driver development models and operating system vendor requirements and have no place in the modern world.

The abstract of their talk has been found by Phoronix   and says that new driver development continues and one of the biggest problems observed is quality of software with proprietary software development.

These are getting so difficult to deal with that it is better to kill all notions of proprietary drivers practices in the industry, the abstract says.

Rodriguez  and Chad are suggesting that it all comes down to clean kernel APIs code, permissively license Linux kernel drivers, and localise usage of the GPL.

The pair also will talk about plans for IP and promote replacing “internal codebases” with Linux and BSD.

What is amusing is that the abstract admits that not all free and open-source software projects have good software, software architects can be difficult. They point out that Microsoft and Apple at least has good run-time tests for drivers, validation, and “nice shiny certification logos.”