Qualcomm buys into HD processing

Something about Integrated Device Technology has caught Qualcomm’s interest, as it has just bought the design teams from the Hollywood Quality Video and Frame Rate Conversion video processing product lines.

The buy will boost Qualcomm’s patent portfolio, and it claims to have also bought “certain related assets to Qualcomm” but does not detail them. Qualcomm hasn’t replied to our query at time of publication.

Qualcomm also does not reveal how much it paid for IDT’s teams and technology.

It does say that it thinks Hollywood Quality Video will give it a leading edge in video processing. Qualcomm believes the technology is a good fit with Snapdragon and you’ll find it twinned with integrated HQV in devices to come.

IDT claims that the HQV helps quickly work out HD images quickly using things like 1080i to 1080p HD deinterlacing. It also says it puts SD content close to HD by using pixel detail enhancement and noise reduction to get rid of unwanted artifacts after compression.