Qualcomm announces 28nm Snapdragon

Qualcomm has said it will introduce a 28nm version of its Snapdragon processor in 2011.

Executive vice president Steve Mollenkopf, told delegates at an analyst conference in New York that the MSM8960 will spearhead Qualcomm’s move into 28nm production.

“28nm will enable us to drive integration at the high end and you will also see migration into the mass smartphone market. We will take 28nm and use it to drive our technology leadership, while focusing on cost optimisation in the mid and lower tiers. We expect 28nm technology to further distance ourselves from the competition,” he said.

Full details of the MSM8960 will be announced at CES in January, but Qualcomm has released a few specs.

The MSM8960 will be a dual-core chip using an upgraded CPU core based on a new micro-architecture, which it claims delivers approximately five times the performance of the original Snapdragon chip at 75 percent less power.

The chip will feature an integrated multi-mode modem that supports LTE as well as 3G modes. It will offer upgraded graphics capabilities with “four times the performance” of the original Snapdragon chip. There’s also going to be built-in integrated connectivity for WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth and FM.