Playbook maker RIM ditches Marvell for TI

“It’s not you, it’s me,” said Crackberry sorry Blackberry maker RIM to Marvell as it dumped the chip manufacturer in favour of rival Texas Instruments at the last minute.

According to a Marvell employee, the chip maker had been working on the Blackberry Playbook for over six months before RIM ditched the project, choosing to go with Texas Instrument’s Omap processor instead.

All decked out in a prom dress with nowhere to go, Marvell was more than a little displeased with the situation. But before labelling RIM as that stereotypically bad boyfriend, sources close to the situation, AKA Marvell, say the company’s decision was not entirely unjustified.

“Marvell was having some serious problems getting the software to work with the hardware. The team was just taking too long and there were issues that weren’t being resolved quickly enough,” said TechEye’s very own Deepthroat.

Was it a good choice for RIM? Perhaps. Was it a good thing for Marvell? Absolutely not. 

Mei Man, man, Mei Man.