Pictures from an Intel exhibition

We’ve taken a few snaps out here in San Francisco on the grounds that they amused us, and hopefully will interest you.

But before we roll out the pictures, we first have to make our  apologies to Genevieve Bell, who buttonholed us just outside the media  corridor just now.

Genevieve said that her father was born in Paisley and so she’s half  Scottish, and her grandparent was a Scot too. Oops!

And she sent me a great pic of her when she was out in Australia, so  we may as well start off with that.

Genevieve Bell

Here’s Anand Chandrasekher on the escalator at IDF, studiously ignoring us. Moments later he was waving his hand round frantically – not at me.

Anand Chandrasekher

Here’s Miss Sandy Bridge, front view.

Sandy Bridge

And then there’s Iain Thompson, from V3, studiously examining his keyboard.

Iain Thompson

Nothing to do with IDF, but I do like the front of the Hearst Building.

Hearst Building

And now back to writing up the serious stuff