Philips shows off OLED reflection mirror

Dutch lighting giant Philips is demonstrating a mirror using organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology.

The mirror is called the Lumiblade and Philips will show it off for the first time at London conference Grand Designs Live from the 1st of May.

It’s an interesting thing, especially if like many journalists that work at TechEye, you find it hard facing the mirror of a morning.

As Philips says, when all the OLeDs in the mirror are switched on, the wall casts out a “gentle glow of light”. If you stand in front of the wall, the OLEDs dim down and the panels form a mirror in your shape.

There are dozens of OLEDs built into the Lumiblade, and there’s infrared sensors behind the illiminated panel and they give a person’s reflection “in a soft, flattering aura of light”.

The Lumiblade Reflection mirror is part of the House of the Future. In this case, a picture does not tell a 1,000 words.