Perlmutter leaves Intel

The bloke who was the chief chip architect of the Intel universe is going to clean out his desk in February and do something different with his time.

David Perlmutter, an executive vice president ran Intel;s chip-architecture unit and has been at Intel for almost 34 years. 

According to Intel he is leaving to “pursue other opportunities”. But it might be that Perlmutter was not happy with his changing role at the fashion bag maker.

Perlmutter shifted roles in May, when the Architecture Group began reporting to Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich.  Perlmutter was one of the names tipped to be the new Intel CEO but sadly his uncanny resemblance to a young  Geoffrey Howe lead him to a similar sidelined role instead.

Krzanich is trying to speed up Intel’s efforts in mobile devices. Intel said that throughout his career at Intel, Perlmutter led many of the product, technology and business transformations at Intel. It just looks like he will not be leading this particular change.