Panasonic claims production will be "ten times faster" with Alchimer investment

Panasonic is investing in French developer of nano-deposition tech for TSV connections, interconnections and semiconductors, Alchimer.

Panasonic Venture Group man Patrick Suel reckons that putting money into the firm is worth doing to keep nanofilm and manufacturing costs down. Panasonic Venture Group is a subsidiary of Panasonic’s research and development wing. It looks like Panasonic’s going to be giving a bung to Alchimer to learn ways to keep its costs down.

Patrick Suel of Partner Panasonic Venture Group says: “All along the supply chain of the electronics industry, manufacturers are increasingly demanding nanofilms of high quality metal that can be mass produced at low cost. We see this in the wrapper edges, deposition on the substrate and 3D packaging, which is becoming an important technology to reduce manufacturing costs of integrated circuits.”

Alchimer’s got electrografting or eG technology, which is a deposition electrochemical process which it boasts reduces TSV production costs up to two thirds compared to other conventional methods, as well as quicker production time.

It’s not been disclosed how much Panasonic has put into Alchimer. Panasonic has clearly got its eye on quickening production lines for nuts and bolts technology though. Alchimer reckons that with its electrografting tech, production volume could be up to “ten times faster” over the next few years – we’ll have to wait and see.