Oversupply of NAND flash to shrink

salvador-dali-persistence-of-memory-clocks-meaningAlthough manufacturers of NAND Flash have made too many semiconductors and the market is awash with them right now, a market research company believes that the situation will right itself in the third quarter of this year.

Trendforce said that new models of smartphone will soak up the excess in the third quarter and there’s a new type of memory on the block – that’s 3D NAND flash.

Even though sales of 3D NAND flash memory will only account for seven percent during this year, it is widely anticipated to take more market share in the coming years.

Trendforce analyst Sean Yang said the smartphone market showed weakness in the first quarter because of seasonal trends and a fall in demand from China.

He believes that the introduction of Apple machines will cause oversupply to change to a more stable selling model.

“Memory makers are shifting their capacities to meet the particularly huge demand from Apple since iPhone and iPad both carry a lot of NAND flash,” he said.