Overclocker nearly breaks record with Skylake

IntelAn overclocker has broken a significant records by fiddling around with the speed of Intel’s Skylake chips.

Chi-Kui Lam got together an ASRock motherboard, G.SKILL memory, and a beefy 1.3KW Antec power supply a ton of liquid nitrogen and take the chip through the 7GHz barrier to settle in at 7025.66MHz.

The clock speed is superfast and the CPU-Z screenshot shows us that all cores but one were disabled to make it go faster.

However the highest overclock seen comes from an AMD FX-8370 to a ridiculous 8,722.78MHz by an overclocker called The Stilt.  That feat didn’t require the disabling of cores as all 8 were left functional. Back in October of 2013, WYTIWX submitted a result of 8,543.71MHz with his Intel Celeron 352.

However Chi-Kui Lam’s record is important because Intel’s Skylake has not been out long and chip design has changed in such a way to make overclocking beyond 7GHz tricky.