Our suggestions for the leadership roles at AMD

AMD is still keeping mum about who will replace Dirk Meyer, which rhymes with Marty Seyer, and Robert Rivet – which rhymes with privet.

Meyer was the leader of the team that produced the DEC Alpha processor – a chip that is supposed to be unbeatable until 2025.  Seyer was in charge of AMD strategy. Rivet was in charge of administration.

Goodness knows what the remaining senior and middle rank suits think about the AMD barque, adrift and rudderless in an ocean of unknowing.

Here are TechEye’s suggestions for people to replace this team. They would all fit perfectly into AMD’s carefully thought out future.

For CEO, they should yank Jerry Sanders III out of retirement. For administration, who better than Mark Hurd – poach him from Oracle for crying out loud. And for strategy, pull in Scott McNealy, Carly Fiorina and Frank Zappa.

Hello there! Perhaps GlobalFoundries should buy AMD back, backed with money from Abu Dhabi?