Organic electronics to destroy silicon world

A team of researchers in Japan is readying itself for the day when CMOS is forced into retirement because of the physical difficulties as the die shrinks into abstraction.

According to a report on, Yamagata University is ready for the day that all the alternatives run out, to be replaced by so-called organic transistors.

The Nikkei report said that top scientists at Yamagata, including vanguard boffin Junji Kido and Shizuo Tokito are just the more famous names in a team that is set to become the successors to American CMOS technology.

Tokito, for example, is working on so called flexible e-paper while Kido is Mr white organic electroluminescence.

The Yamagata team, according to the report, is also working on organic solar cells – really it is quite simply daft that there is an energy crunch when Mr Sun up in the sky is dispensing stuff that could easily soak up the rays and turn them into electricity.

That’s all very well and good in principle, but in practice there are great obstacles remaining before silicon disappears forever.

Moore’s Law is based on silicon but Intel itself remains pretty confident that it can overcome the physical challenges the technology faces over the next 10 years or so.

News of the Japanese thrust into the 21st century is here.