Oracle maintains that Intel will kill Itanium

For the last week Intel and HP have been fending off suggestions from Oracle that Intel wants to pull the plug on its Itanium platform.

Chipzilla has said that its roadmap for Itanium will last ten years and HP said it was all enthusiastic.

You would think that open denial would be enough for Oracle, which identified a senior Intel source as telling it the news.

However it seems that Oracle has reaffirmed its position and responded to claims made by Intel and HP about “long-life” ahead for the IA64.

Oracle claims that Itanium will “cease to be” and it was its responsibility to inform its customers about the end-of-life of the platform it does not own.

A statement from Oracle said that it had an obligation to give its customers adequate advanced notice when it discontinued development on any software product or hardware platform so those  customers have the information they need to plan and manage their businesses.

HP is well aware that Intel’s future direction is focused on X86 and that plans to replace Itanium with X86 are already in place, the statement by Oracle reads.

Clearly, Oracle claims there is a cover up by HP and Intel over Itanium’s future and it does not want to play ball.

The fact that it sells Sun UltraSPARC microprocessors which are a rival to the Intel Itanium platform has nothing to do with it.

Oracle said that while new versions of Oracle software will not run on Itanium, it will support existing Oracle/Itanium customers on existing Oracle products.

At present HP and Intel claim that the Itanium’s roadmap extends to more than ten years.