Oracle kills AMD on Sun Servers

Rumours are starting to fly that Oracle is about to announce that it has purged AMD Opterons from the outfit’s Sun servers.

According to Information Week, no one is saying anything official, but it has received an e-mail from an Oracle customer, which seems to provide corroboration that AMD is done for on Sun.

The email said that all non-Netra AMD blades have been end of lifed and no new AMD blades have been announced or mentioned at Oracle World.

The customers said it puts his company over a barrel because it had standardised on, and made a significant investment in, VMware and AMD processors in the Sun 6000 blade chassis.

He was forced to buy AMD-based blades elsewhere because he can’t migrate between AMD and Intel.

The email flies in the face of what Oracle server chief John Fowler in April, has gone on record saying. He claimed his outft continues to consider both Intel and AMD processors.

However the email is backed by a comment made at an Aussie Oracle event recently where a hack was told that the company may focus on Sun x86 servers using only the Intel processor architecture.

The email is also backed by Oracle’s product page for its Sun Fire X4600 server. The system which supports up to 32 Opteron processor cores has a message which says this product has reached the end of its life and is no longer orderable.

It might be that Intel’s latest Xeons have taken over in an area where Opteron used to be king. But Xeon, Opteron and even Sun’s Sunsparc have fanboys and each is better in some places than others. So why would Oracle try and kill off any particular market?

Oracle has been in thick with Intel for years, however maybe it is not so clear about what to do in the hardware market as it has been in the software arena.

Rather than seeing the subtleties of how the hardware market works, it is concentrating on more esoteric things like “business partnerships” rather than users.

Oracle has the engineering resources to support both processor lines and in snubbing one, or if you include Sparc, two, it is just killing off customers it needs.