Oracle commits to custom Xeons

Consulting-the-Oracle-JWW-1884Oracle has announced that its glorious alliance with Intel has resulted in a custom built Xeon which is 100MHz faster than the E7-8890 v3.

The E7-8895 v3 has 18 cores and 36 threads based around an X5-4, a four-socket server. It has 96 DIMM slots for 3TB of RAM and NVMe for in-memory workloads.

Oracle said that its new servers can “vary the core count and operating frequency … without the need for a system level reboot”.

It claims that it has the highest uptime x86 server based on Intel’s Xeon E7 v3 processors, with hot-swappable and redundant disks, cooling fans, and power supply units.

Intel and Oracle have been working on this relationship for more than a year now with customisable chips popping up from last year. Intel tinkered with its E7-8890 by adding features that let the silicon switch cores on and off which Oracle’s software demanded. The chips can also vary their clock speed to suit loading.

Still it all does show a glorious alliance in the making, with Intel and Oracle working hard for each other.