Oracle accuses HP of hiding Intel Itanium debacle from public

The Good Ship Itanic is a lost cause and a sinking ship, and there’s only one company trying to plug the holes – HP. That’s according to the latest legalese in Oracle’s argument against sealing records.

In Oracle’s opinion, HP is trying to hide the truth about Intel’s Itanium from its customers. The accusation is that HP’s entire business model, as it stands, is based on the platform Intel itself wants rid of.

Itanium has “turned out to be a spectacular disappointment, earning the moniker ‘Itanic'”, Oracle says. 

Oracle argues that any performance advantage on Itanium is done and dusted. HP, Oracle says, is keeping the line on life support, because “the end of Itanium is a business disaster for HP, which generates a large percentage of its overall profit from Itanium support agreements.” The document says rather than helping customers move over to Xeon, or alternatives, HP has been perpetuating a myth about a 10-year roadmap for Itanium development.

Meanwhile, HP, according to Oracle, has done everything it can to keep customers in the dark while simultaneously destroying ties with Ellison’s company. The hiring of Apotheker from SAP was a deliberate dig. Referring to Apotheker’s old job, the document (PDF) says: “As HP had to know, Mr. Apotheker had held that position during the widespread theft of Oracle’s intellectual property by an SAP subsidiary called TomorrowNow.”

It alleges Apotheker’s hiring meant moving HP onto Oracle’s turf and going into direct competition with one another. “Short of burning an Oracle flag in public, HP could not have done more to destroy any so-called “parternship” with Oracle than it did by hiring Leo Apotheker,” the document reads.

The crux of the story is HP wants to keep quiet about Itanium but Oracle won’t let it. Oracle’s entire reason for the document is to keep records open. In Oracle’s words, “HP is suing Oracle for telling its customers the truth.”

We don’t know about that, but we’re looking forward to seeing HP’s rebuttal – if it has one.