ON Semiconductor chip enables tiny Stegia motor

ON Semiconductor has teamed up with Stegia to create smaller semiconductors, which will fit into smart motors.

The pair has married ON Semiconductor’s AMIS-30624 2-phase stepper motor driver, which has a built-in position controller and I(2)C serial interfacing, with Stegia’s car line.

The duo have said this will improve the motor line because ON’s AMIS-30624’s on-chip position controller is fully configurable. This means it’s flexible and can fit into a range of motors, positioning ranges, and speed features.

Those who have a habit of bringing that clutch up too quickly will be pleased to hear that the AMIS-30624 has a sensor in place, which can be used to detect a block rotor system and stop the car from stalling.  And because the chip is so small it will be placed in Steiga’s smallest of models – some of which can only hold a device of six millimetres.

The I(2)C interface is the brains in the process, keeping a motor running as silently as possible. It will also be used to relay information such as faults from the engine to the dashboard – and can give mechanics a list of possible problems.

The chip also has some money saving qualities with the pair claiming that the I(2)C interface limits the amount of cabling to the motor. They said this reduces the bill of materials costs as well as lowering the system’s overall electromagnetic radiation level. The newly fitted motors will drive into the market later on this year.