Odyssey will not harm Itanium

Intel has been reading its Ulysses and is convinced that any Odyssey project by HP will not harm Itanium.

Odyssey is a project by the maker of expensive printer ink to merge its Unix and x86 Server architectures.

While Itanium is a nightmare from which Intel is trying to escape, it is fairly certain that Odyssey is a “shout in the street.”

Chipzilla’s Radoslaw Walczy told X-Bit labs that although Odyssey will let users install x86-based servers into HP Superdome systems, this will not reduce demand for Itanium processors or HP’s Integrity mission critical servers.

Nor is it a sign that Intel will have to pull the plug on Itanium as Oracle claims. Intel will continue to develop Itanium processors, whereas HP will continue to make HP-UX and other software aimed specifically at fault tolerant computing.

Intel needs both Itanium and Xeon platforms.

But Intel is governed by lines of intellect while HP is governed by curves of emotion. The maker of printer ink announced a few more details to “Odyssey”, which include improving the HP-UX operating environment on HP Integrity servers and selling blades with Intel Xeon processors for HP Superdome 2 enclosure or “DragonHawk” and the scalable c-Class blade enclosures which has the code name “HydraLynx”.

Once DragonHawk is available, punters will be able to run mission critical workloads on HP-UX on Intel Itanium-based blades while also running stuff on Windows or Red Hat Linux on Intel Xeon-based blades in the same Superdome 2 enclosure.

Still, if Intel is wrong, then we are sure that it will discover that its mistakes are the portals of discovery.