OCZ announces speedy 4GB RAM modules

OCZ, maker of memory, has announced its new range of high-density 4GB DDR3 RAM modules, which it claims is now the fastest in the world.

Aimed at the higher end of the market, the memory is designed to offer high-density and high-speed simultaneously to avoid any potential bottlenecking that may hinder a user’s gaming or multi-tasking experience.

OCZ revealed that its 4GB line is aimed at users who are becoming more and more used to large high-definition files, which put a heavy load on system resources. This has led to a growing need for larger amounts of memory with better frequencies to ensure overall performance and speed.

OCZ will be launching three series of the new 4GB modules, with the FLEX EX and Reaper HPC series aimed at overclockers and other experienced users, and the Platinum series aimed at entry-level users and gamers. All three ranges will offer 8GB dual channel kits and 12GB triple channel kits, with frequencies of up to 2133MHz.

The RAM modules will operate at a low-voltage of 1.65V and are compliant with AMD and Intel platform tests. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

“Usually high speed and high density don’t go hand in hand, but our newly introduced high density 2133MHz memory solutions are engineered to do exactly that,” said Alex Mei, CMO of OCZ. “Designed for more than just raw speed, these new kits deliver an excellent blend of performance, density and reliability for a wide range of applications ranging from rendering video to smoother gameplay on the latest titles.”